About Us

Tenders.lk is the leading online Tender Alert System which emails new tender alerts to subscribers that match their chosen tender categories automatically, on a daily basis. This provides a fully automated method of informing the subscribers about new invitations to tenders that they might be interested in. Most of the invitations to tenders.lk are obtained from news papers published by Central Government and Local Councils which include an array of industries such as Engineering and construction, Health and Medicine, IT and electrical, supplier registrations etc.

Our Support Team will guide you through the process of setting up your profile and will be available to advice you on various legislation and directives.

Tenders.lk, Tenders Lanka Pvt Ltd is a subsidiary of 3DH Design which is a dynamic team of industry pioneering professionals looking to take digital media and solutions to a new height. 3DH Design is a part of 3DH International Group, a diverse company with arms in many fields including insurance, travel and tours, ATL and BTL advertising, Property Development, Oil and Gas Etc. and at the heart of this group is the innovative 3DH Design.

All Group companies have expanded their activities and achieved substantial growth; both in turnover and earnings. Today these companies are firmly established in their respective fields of activity.