Pay From Mobile Phone ( Institute Payment )

If you are registered with eZ cash and you have cash available on your eZ account,  you can make the payment to Tenders.lk Subscription with 5 eazy steps.

Step 1 

Enter #111#*6* and click send, or call button

Step 2

Enter the your four digit pin number  and click send  ( Example – 1234 )

Step 3

Enter TLPL as the institute code ( Note: Tenders.lk Registered institute code is TLPL ) and click send

Step 4

Enter Your Reference Number for Tenders.lk , ( Example – REF25 this was sent to you at the registration, if you cant remember the reference number you can find it  at ” Find your Reference Number Page“)

Step 5

Enter the Subscription Amount and click send

  • 3 Months – Rs. 3000/-
  • 6 Months – Rs. 5500/-
  • 12 Months – Rs. 10000/-

Step 6

Confirm the amount by typing ” 1 “, then click send

Step 7

you will receive the transaction confirmation message.

Step 8

Exit the system

Once you receive the transaction confirmation message please inform tenders.lk, if you want to activate your tenders.lk subscription immediately  call 0773 887 615



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