• What is Tenders.lk?

    Tenders.lk is the market leading online tender tracking system that sends relevant tender invitations to you by email as you preferred. The system will set up everything for you and you just have to mention what kind of business you are involved in.  You can specify to receive only contract opportunities within certain business fields.

  • How can I benefit from using Tenders.lk?

    It is easy. If you are searching for tender information you can just browse and be able to search for tender notices easily. The system will send you the tender notices and newsletters via e mail on the day they are published. It is flexible. You can specify to receive only contract opportunities within certain business fields that you prefer so that you can avoid receiving unwanted tender invitations and newsletters.

  • How do I register to Tenders.lk?

    You can register easily by just clicking ‘Register ‘ on the Home Page. Once you have registered with us, you can use your account to search tender notices, download and engage in all the other transactions.

  • Can I edit my profile on a later date?

    Yes, you can edit your profile at any time by logging in to your account. You can login to your account from the Tenders.lk home page. Once you have logged in, you can edit your profile form the Account Information link. If necessary, you can change your password using the Change Password link on the site. (Username cannot be changed)

  • Can I change the subscribed categories ?

    Yes, you can change the subscribed categories any time you want. Simply log in and go to Account Information link, and tick the desired categories.

  • Is there a charge involve when changing the categories?

    No, Absolutely Not, We are charging only for the subscription period.

  • Is it absolutely necessary to fill in all the sections of the profile?

    It is not absolutely necessary to fill in all the sections. However, it is highly advised that you fill in the important sections such as your name and the email address. Since you receive the newsletters and other invitations via the email address that you give us, the email address should be a valid one.

  • How to choose the correct category?

    All the tenders will be categorized in to listed categories in the home page.  Registered users can subscribe to any number of categories.  However all tenders will be visible in the Services.